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The Divorce Store® is Arizona's largest Domestic Relations Legal Document Preparation Service. Our full service program includes the preparation, processing and filing of all your documents from start to finish and also includes unlimited consultations. The Divorce Store® holds the first certificate # issued by the Arizona Supreme Court.

Since 1993, The Divorce Store® has helped over 24,000 Arizonans obtain quick economical divorces. We also assist with paternity, annulment, custody, visitation and support problems, as well as most other domestic relations issues. The Divorce Store® can also assist you with issues including but not limited to Name Changes, QDRO's (Qualified Domestic Relations Orders), Power of Attorney, Wills & Trusts and Incorporations.

We offer the fastest divorce programs available in Arizona. And now we offer online Arizona divorce services. You can get started right now using our divorce online forms.

In Arizona most divorce and domestic relations actions are "Pro Per", or without an attorney. Arizona law does not require an attorney in a domestic relations case, and today, more people than ever are choosing legal document preparers to assist them. With literally thousands of documents being rejected by the Arizona Courts each year it makes good sense to seek the assistance of a trained professional such as a legal document preparer.

In most cases, clients will appear for a short Court hearing after approximately 90-120 days. When both parties are in agreement, it is possible to obtain a divorce in approximately 70-80 days without going to court at all!

Divorce and domestic relations problems are extremely difficult for most people and can be even more difficult when there are children involved. At The Divorce Store®, we understand. You will be assigned a legal document preparer who will be there for you from beginning to end to guide you through the whole process.

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