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SERVICES & FEES: Court Costs



Dissolution of Marriage $328.00
Legal Separation $328.00
Annulment $328.00
Petition for Paternity $323.00
Petition for Voluntary Paternity $323.00
Petition to Establish Support / Custody $254.00
Response to Dissolution of Marriage $259.00
Response to Legal Separation $259.00
Response to Annulment $259.00
Response to Paternity $254.00
Response to Establish Support / Custody $189.00
All Post Decree filings  (modifications, enforcement or other actions) $84.00
Appearance Fee (Divorce cases) $259.00
Appearance Fee (Paternity cases) $254.00
Order of Protection N/C

If you do not have the money to pay the court costs right now, you may be able to have the court defer or waive your court costs based on your Monthly Gross Income. There are 3 levels of waiver/deferral available: full deferral, $10 down and $10 month or 25% down and 25% month. We can assist you with a waiver or deferral at no additional cost. If you need assistance, please call 1-877-DIV-STOR, and one of our certified legal document preparers will be happy to assist you.