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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Your service is a godsend! I tried to complete the paperwork on my own - what a nightmare! Your staff are incredible - More than worth it!"

"I would definitely use The Divorce Store again."

"My paralegal was very knowledgeable and understanding and easy to get along with".

"I appreciate the service; it provides people that don't have the means to retain lawyers or desire to have an ugly-drawn out divorce."

"Everyone here has been helpful. Things were done in a timely manner. Very nice office staff".

"Keep it up - good work".

"Want to give special thanks to the paralegal that I worked with - she did a great job! She was very patient, understanding - enjoyed working with her, would recommend her to my friends - she's very professional and helpful".

"Very glad I went this route over using an attorney or doing it myself".

"Price was a significant reason for choosing The Divorce Store, as well as other services offered, which I intend to take advantage of".

"No comments ... You are the best".

"It has been a very good experience".

"Recorded phone information very useful and clear. Operator answers promptly and is professional. Clear explanations to questions".

"The "no pressure" during the initial meet was great. I came in asked questions, got information and called back when I was ready"

"Wonderful service, would like to open one in my home State"

"Thank you for all your quick work It has made my life easier"

"Thank you, you made what is a very upsetting, difficult experience a calm and satisfactory experience. Very pleasant and professional.